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Maison Tela is an inspiring canvas for photography, videography and virtually any type of creative activity. Our Studios is a creative space that offers five high-end studios for rent in the Chabanel neighborhood located at 9850 Tolhurst, just 4 minutes from Sauvé Station. Every aspect of our studio is designed to shoot well in natural light. Versatile furniture that easily transforms the space regularly. In addition to being a fully furnished loft, our studio includes photography essentials such as: a 12-foot backdrop stand, various neutral color seamless paper backdrops, a clothes rack, a hand steamer, a fan, wifi and a Bluetooth sound system.


Every aspect of our studios is organized to photograph well in natural light. In addition to being a fully furnished studio, our creative rental studio offers essential elements of photography such as: a backdrop stand, various neutral color seamless paper backgrounds, a clothes rack, a hand steamer, wifi, a Bluetooth sound system, white concrete floors, 12-foot industrial ceilings, changing rooms and make-up station.

Rental of studios for events

Maison Tela has over 4,800 square feet divided into 5 separate studios with unique furniture, antique fireplaces, oversized mirrors, accent walls and luxurious textures and tones. The space includes Studio Metropolitan, Studio Blanc, Studio Saloon, Lobby, Kitchen and Studio Rose. The furniture and decoration are designed to change according to the seasons and are subject to change!

Our studios are spacious and incorporate modern, minimalist and neutral designs. Maison Tela is an ideal setting for photography, videography, intimate encounters, pop-ups and workshops.

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Our studios adapt to all your projects

Maison Tela, your photo studio of choice in Montreal, offers a wide range of services to meet all your photography needs. Our versatile and well-equipped spaces are perfect for all kinds of projects, including:

Portrait, corpo, wedding, boudoir, music, clothes, etc.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Montreal, Maison Tela is the creative space you’ve been looking for to bring all your photographic projects to life. Offering a varied selection of studios for rent, we are the perfect backdrop for every type of shoot, whether it’s portraits, branding sessions, boudoir and lingerie photos.

Our studios are also ready to host music and dance video projects, as well as podcast recordings. With a layout designed to maximize natural light, Maison Tela is also an ideal creative space for content creators, and a perfect location for product or fashion photography shoots.

For those preparing for the most important day of their lives, our studios are ideal for wedding and engagement photography sessions. Baby products will also find their place in our spaces, as will birthday and family photo shoots.

Our studios are perfectly suited for cosplay photography, while providing the perfect setting for couple photography sessions. Personal stylists will also be able to use our spaces to showcase their work, while loungewear photography sessions will also find their place at Maison Tela.

Finally, for those who work in the culinary field, our studios include a ready-made kitchen space for food photography. In short, whatever your photography needs, Maison Tela in Montreal offers the ideal space to bring out the best in your projects.










Where is Maison Tela?

Maison Tela is located at 9850 Tolhurst in the Chabanel district of Montreal, just 4 minutes from Sauvé Station.

What equipment is available in Maison Tela's studios?

All of our studios are equipped with 12-foot backdrop stands, various neutral color seamless paper backdrops, a clothes rack, a hand steamer, and a fan. We also provide wifi and a Bluetooth audio system to facilitate your sessions.

Are Maison Tela's studios suitable for photography sessions with natural light?

Yes, absolutely. All our studios are designed to maximize the impact of natural light, to give every shot exceptional quality.

How can I book a studio with Maison Tela?

You can book a studio by contacting us directly via our website or by phone. Our contact details are available on our contact page. We will be happy to help you find the studio that best suits your needs.

What kind of photography can I do in your studios?

All kinds of sessions! Some examples:

  1. Portrait photography, where our team captures the essence of your personality with attention to detail.
    Photo shoots for branding, to help you create a strong and consistent brand image.
    Boudoir/lingerie photography, a specialty of our studio where intimacy and elegance are paramount.
    The creation of music/dance videos and podcasts, thanks to our state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.
    The content creation studio, an all-in-one solution for digital creators.
    Product and fashion photography, where our experienced photographers showcase your creations.
    Bridal photography, capturing the emotion and beauty of these unique moments.
    Baby product photography, where the safety and comfort of your little one is our priority.
    Wedding and engagement photography, to immortalize these precious moments.
    Real estate photography, ideal for sales teams who want to stand out.
    Birthday photo sessions, to celebrate these moments of joy with family or friends.
    Family photography, capturing the essence of your family unit.
    Cosplay photography, where we feature your favorite characters.
    Couple photography, to immortalize your love in an authentic way.
    Personal stylist photography, where your stylist skills will be highlighted.
    The photography of relaxation clothes, for a comfortable and elegant staging.
    Food photography in our kitchen studio, to make your gastronomic creations shine.