Maison Tela is an inspiring canvas for photography, videography and virtually any type of creative activity. Our Studios is a creative space that offers five high-end studios for rent in the Chabanel neighborhood located at 9850 Tolhurst, just 4 minutes from Sauvé Station.

Photo studio rental

Every aspect of our studios is organized to photograph well in natural light. In addition to being a fully furnished studio, our creative rental studio offers essential elements of photography such as: a backdrop stand, various neutral color seamless paper backgrounds, a clothes rack, a hand steamer, wifi, a Bluetooth sound system, white concrete floors, 12-foot industrial ceilings, changing rooms and make-up station.

Rental of studios for events

Maison Tela has over 4,800 square feet divided into 5 separate studios with unique furniture, antique fireplaces, oversized mirrors, accent walls and luxurious textures and tones. The space includes the Metropolitan Studio, the White Studio, the Saloon Studio, the lobby, the kitchen and the garden. The furniture and decoration are designed to change according to the seasons and are subject to change.

Our studios are spacious and incorporate modern, minimalist and neutral designs. Maison Tela is an ideal setting for photography, videography, intimate encounters, pop-ups and workshops.

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