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Maison Tela is an inspiring canvas for photography, videography and virtually any type of creative activity. Our Studios is a creative space that offers five high-end studios for rent in the Chabanel neighborhood located at 9850 Tolhurst, just 4 minutes from Sauvé Station.

The Saloon

The Saloon studio is a very versatile 550 square foot room. This space has Greek- Moroccan themed arches. The studio is furnished with various hand-selected items, from Greek-styled props to Bohemian-Yucatan styled props. The Saloon studio will really give you the impression of being in the Mediterranean. This studio is perfect for editorials, family, engagement and wedding photography. 

The Saloon is the most eclectic space in our studio. The large arch is 68 inches wide by 78 inches tall with a sofa for sitting, and the standing arch is almost 24 inches wide and 78 feet tall. The room also has modern and bog style furniture. The Saloon is all about textures and is fully furnished with Marrakech-themed props.


Up to 10 people in total

If you book the studio outside of opening hours (between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.), please contact the administrator to confirm the reservation. We recommend booking in the morning or on weekdays if you’re shooting audio-sensitive videos.

Studio Rates

8:00 AM – 08:00 PM
80 $ / hour
8:00 AM – 08:00 PM
160 $ / hour

Take advantage of discounts on multi-hour bookings throughout Monday- Friday.  The price will be adjusted automatically at checkout

2-3 hours


4-7 hours


8+ hours


What’s included?

  • Black canvas style studio, meaning that it’s like a cyclo 
  • 2 large windows.
  • High key natural light during sunny days and softer light during afternoons / cloudy days.
  • Boho furniture
  • White pouf sofa seating
  • 2 peacocks chairs