Montreal Studios Locatifs

Discover here the essence of a loungewear style photoshoot. How to highlight your brand image through our installations.

Studio rental for cosplay photography

Explore here all the necessary steps that will make your next cosplay photoshoot undeniably sensational.

Studio rental for family photography

Prepare your next family photoshoot with the best elements available in Montreal

Studio rental for couple photoshoot

Seize the present moment, the best of your couple for romantic memories.

Studio rental for birthday photoshoot

Bring out the best in your birthday day with a photo shoot worthy of the name.

Food studio rental

Give second nature to your cooking photo shoots with our personalized photo shoots.

Studio rental for baby photography

Capture the best of your baby with a photo shoot at the height of your little toddler. Discover our baby photography services now.

Studio rental for personal stylist photographer

Bring out the essence of the different emotions and tones of your personal stylist photoshoot

Studio rental for dance photographer

Discover here the essence of a good dance photo shoot. How to highlight your different movements and artistic sense through our installations.

Studio rental for lingerie photographer

Bring out your sexiest side with the studio rental for lingerie photography session. Highlight your different curves for you or for your sweetheart.

Studio rental for real estate team photographer

Capture the best of your real estate team now thanks to the rental of our specialized photography studios.

Studio rental for wedding photographer

Know how to highlight one of the most beautiful moments of your life thanks to the rental of our photography studio specialized in wedding photography.

Studio rental for fashion photographer

Do you want to do fashion / fashion photography? Don’t wait any longer and rent one of our studios designed especially for the theme

Studio rental for photographer content creation

Discover here the essence of a good photography session for content creation. How to highlight your videos in the heart of our installations.

Studio rental for photographer products

Make your various products furnish shop thanks to the rental of our photgraphie studio specially moved for this purpose.

Studio rental for portrait photographer

Bring out the best sores of your face and your personalized thanks to a quality portrait photography session, now!

Studio rental for brand photography

Highlight the best of your brand today with our studio rental services designed especially for this occasion.

Studio rental for lifestyle photography

Highlight the best aspect of your lifestyle thanks to the rental of our photo studio specially designed for this purpose.